A list of firsts.

I'm looking for:
  • a deer (done)
  • a hedgehog
  • swans (done)
  • snow - AT LAST! Thursday 29th Jan 2015.
  • iced pool/river/lake
  • a fox
  • an owl (I hear one every night but not seen it yet)
  • a show or concert at the Royal Albert
  • a snowman (made by me)
My first snow! January 2015, in Southwold.

My first black swans, near Lightwater,
Surrey. 02 Aug 2014

This was a surprise. I peeped through the reeds to see what was splashing.
Southwold 14th Sept2014

My first holly berries. Reminds me of a favourite story The Holly and the Ivy.
Southampton November 2014

December 2014, Basingstoke. 
A fox on the side of the road does NOT count. Still looking for my first.

6th December 2014, Baughurst, Hanpshire.
A day of first. Frost, a deer, a pheasant shoot (men, guns, tweeds, dogs), and I even cooked in an Aga! A chicken, not a pheasant...

First frost
Baughurst, 6th Dec 2014

First hunt (shoot, they call it)
Baughurst, 6th Dec 2014

First Aga experience
December 2014

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