Monday, 15 February 2016

A walk across Spain - Camino

My first Spanish sunset, seen from the train from Madrid to Pamplona. 
Bag too heavy? Take the donkey!

Friendly faces along the way

Just one of the many MANY beautiful buildings we saw.

A new friend, ready to go.

Have a good journey 340km

100 x more beautiful without the camera


long long road - with hot soup up ahead!

staple diet


I see you

one of my favourite stops

just another man and his dog

far from home!

follow the yellow arrows

too pretty

Knights Templar Castle

Always a new friend around the next corner

a beautiful sunset under a bridge

another good pitstop

they look prettier than they taste!

200km to go!

don't worry about finding a bed for the night, this is a common sight

very very tempting!

I think this is where my shoe landed up. I am sure it is very happy.

Nothing like the sound of cowbells

it was true love

misty and cold but we persevere

more love...

A wonderful place to spend a night

Ahh..... shoes off, sunshine, and another new friend

If you see this gate, don't walk on by. Go in.
My very own Irish songwriter singing/walking buddy Sam! 

cyclists in the mist

be the change